Osprey GP-4 Kits

Celata Aircraft has been approved by Osprey Aircraft (George Pereira) to begin production of fully-inclusive custom kits based on George’s original designs.

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Falco Parts

Celata Aircraft is now offering parts and partial Falco kits. These parts/kits are available in various stages of completion to better meet the varied skill levels of our customers.

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Osprey GP-4 Specs

Airfoil selection and drag reduction are primary considerations of this design. The majority of construction is of wood with foam and fiberglass used in cowling and fairing areas.

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With over 39 years experience in manufacturing fine-tolerance machine parts and tools for various industries, Celata Aircraft has the skills and machinery to bring your new product to life, or resurrect an old part to original specifications.

blueprints1Precision Tools

  • Precision machined parts & tools for aircraft builders and technicians
  • Manufacture of parts & tools based on your experimental prints
    (prints drawn on cocktail napkins and pizza boxes welcome)
  • Manufacture of parts & tools based on reverse-engineering of old/worn-out parts & tools

Osprey GP-4 Kits & Falco Kits

GP-4Celata Aircraft is offering full and partial Osprey GP-4 & Falco kits. These kits are available in various stages of completion to better meet the varied skill levels of our customers. All of our parts are CNC milled to create a kit with a fit and finish unparalleled in today’s market.

We will be adding more kits in the future, please contact us with any suggestions.

Osprey GP-4