GP-4 Stiletto

Osprey GP-4The GP-4 Stiletto is the most popular design in a series of aircraft designs by George Pereira. It is a high-performance, cross-country type plane, designed to extract the most speed from the available power, while still keeping building costs within reasonable limits.

By building on, and updating, this excellent design with the latest manufacturing methods and materials, we expect the GP-4 Stiletto to continue on for many decades to come.

With two 200 lb. people, 75 pounds of baggage and 52 gallons of fuel, the GP-4 will cruise at 240 mph for 1,200 miles (plus reserve). Fuel burn is less than 11 gallons per hour on a typical trip. See the performance specifications for more details.

GP-4 SpecAirfoil selection and drag reduction are primary considerations of this design. The majority of construction is of wood with foam and fiberglass used in cowling and fairing areas. Design strength at full gross is 8G’s and 6G’s negative. This was made possible by using a massive one-piece wing spar.

Celata Aircraft has been approved by Osprey Aircraft (George Pereira) to begin production of fully-inclusive custom kits based on George’s original designs.

GP-4 Stiletto Specs

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