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Celata Aircraft Up-Date:

We are in an aggressive expansion for 2017 to 2019. We have purchased a 30 acre parcel to build our New (Stage I) 10,000 sqft building, with Stage II, of a second 10,000 sqft building.

Stage I: will be the manufacturing shop with additional equipment (CNC Mills, Lathes, Water Jet, and Sheet Metal equipment, etc.).

Stage II: Will be an Assembly and Show Room, with two Builder Assistance (family) living quarters with very reasonable monthly rates (target rate of $400 a month).

With the new CAD improvements to the Osprey GP-4 (Our new designation is: CA-2 Stiletto), the CA-2 Stiletto will have an improved robust trailing arm landing gear, wet wings (eliminating the fuselage tank, and maintaining the 54 gal fuel capacity), increased rudder for better spin recovery, and more.

We are offering a Special Deal ($10,000 off the base price of $150,000, based on your options) for the next 10 customers who purchase an RTF (Ready To Fly) Stiletto (Serial Numbers: 1801 to 1810).

Terms and conditions: 50% down, with a $10,000 non-refundable cancellation fee, 40% due when air- frame skeleton is complete, balance due on delivery.

We will soon have 3D CAD images to post on our web site and FaceBook page.

Stay tuned for more up-dates and pictures.

Richard Celata
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We just had a question asked of us: "Do you (Celata Aircraft) do progressive builds?" "Can I buy as I go?" Answer: Sure you can, buy just what ever sub-kit(s) you need at the time for your build. ... See MoreSee Less

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If we succeed (Celata Aircraft) in achieving what we are looking for, it will be a piece of machinery, certainly an aircraft, above any criticism. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sorry, for not posting much, but we have been contracted to build "x" for an undisclosed customer. We will be working on this prototype for the next few months. We are sorry we cannot post picture, or tell you what it is. ... See MoreSee Less

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We are giving away a GP-4 Horiz Stab Kit. This Kit is only the skeleton of the Horiz Stab (no skin). Rules: You must provide a Plans Serial Number to be verified with George Pereira. First Person to a...

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