Tuck Cotter Pin Pliers


Tuck Cotter Pin Pliers

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Tuck Cotter Pin Pliers

Make professionally-tucked cotter pins. Coming Soon: larger and metric sizes.
We see how precision tools simplify that which is complex: how it makes easy that which was difficult and makes neat, that which is unsightly.
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These revolutionary new pliers will completely transform the way you install cotter pins in castle nuts. If you are weary of the cutting, twisting and chewed-up pins you get from traditional installation, these pliers are for you. They provide a swift two-step process: 1.) Insert the pre-cut pin, spread the legs of the pin with the blue plier handle butt, and squeeze for a perfect bend, 2.) Take the yellow-handled pliers, and clamp the ends of the pin snugly into the castle nuts. 

This is a pre-order sale. Delivery expected in 3-4 months.

A Tool You Have Never Seen Before – YouTube

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 5 x 1.5 in

AN-3T (#10), AN-4T (1/4), AN-5T (5/16), AN-6T (3/8), Tuck Set

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