Custom Tools

blueprints1Celata Aircraft provides both custom and current production tools for every job. Utilizing, modern CNC manufacturing, we are able to rapidly produce any current or custom designed tool. Celata Aircraft can also provide a technician to come to your facility, listen to your needs, evaluate, design and build your custom tools.

Celata Aircraft uses state-of-the-art Haas CNC machines, professional sheet metal equipment and a Lincoln precision 275 TIG welder.

We use MasterCam for our CNC programing.

We have been machining fine-tolerance tools & parts since 1979.

In that time, we have manufactured:

  • General machine parts & tools
  • NASCAR race parts & tools
  • Submarine parts & tools
  • Medical parts & tools
  • Parts & tools for NASA, Boeing, McDonald Douglas, and other commercial airlines.
  • Parts & tools for Polaroid, Sylvania, G.E., A.W. Chesterton, etc…


  • Precision machined parts & tools for aircraft builders and technicians
  • Manufacture of parts & tools based on your experimental prints
    (prints drawn on cocktail napkins and pizza boxes welcome)
  • Manufacture of parts & tools based on reverse-engineering of old/worn-out parts & tools

Contact Celata Aircraft today for a personalized quote. We’d love to hear from you.